B+ Productions Goes To

The Twisted Nightmare Weekend 2004

Who could believe a whole year has past?
B+ Productions is once again off to the Twisted Nightmare Weekend.
Come along with us as we share the pictures we took at the show.

Stormtroopers on Patrol!

To Protect and Serve!
The Empire at least,
Rebels need not apply.

Diana Burton Promoting
Catholic Ghoulgirls

What a marketing genius!
Ally Melling is fetchingly attired in
Catholic Ghoulgirl DVDs!

The Legion of Terror!
OK, they look pretty tame here but
you won't be saying that in
their haunted house.

Scott Roberts,
B+ Productions still photographer and documentarian plus posse.

Slasher Rob and future victim

Rob Avery of
World Wide Parody
at the sceening of 'The 187 Show'

Eagerly waiting the start of the
'The 187 Show'

Corporate Logo of
World Wide Parody

The Amber Fox
Amber Jewelry and Carvings
She makes some great cookies too!

They were at the dawn of
'Dawn of the Dead'
Sharon Ceccatti & Clayton Hill

Tom Savini has never looked better!
He is not called a makeup genius
for nothing!

Debbie Rochon and Mark Burchett

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