B+ Productions Goes To

The Twisted Nightmare Weekend 2004

Mark Burchett making a deal with a

So what is a Stormtrooper soul going for
these days?

Gwendolyn of Deadly Underground Films.
Writer, Producer, Director, Co-Star, Editor of the feature film "Outside of Nowhere"

Gwendolyn & Tom Clary
(Executive Producer and
Migrant Web Person)

Tim Thomerson and Gwendolyn

Heather channeling Glori-Anne Gilbert

Robyn Griggs
Twisted Nightmare Weekend Hostess

Katie and Robyn

Katie posing for yet another picture.

You can never have too much of Katie.

Independent Film Brain Trust

Carl R. Merrit author of "Fleet of Angels" and Michelle McLaughlin

Michelle McLaughlin

Michelle and Husband

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